Symantec BESR – Recovery point set is disabled

The other day I run into a problem whilst reconfiguring backup jobs on a server with Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 (BESR).
I had deleted all backup jobs, and was about to create the new ones. Then i noticed that i could not select the «Create a recovery point set» option, I was only allowed to chose «Independent recovery point.
So i tried to restart the service, -didnt work. Rebooted the server, – didnt work.

After a lot of digging I found a post on Symantec support forum. It appears that BESR is storing information about the backup jobs history and schedules located in .pqh and . files in the following folder:
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Backup Exec System Recovery\History and \Schedule.

When theese files are present, the BESR manager will assume that it allready exist a recovery point set. In my case there was no .pqj files in the /schedule/ folder, so I only deleted the .pqh files in the /history/ folder. Then i restarted the service, and problem was solved.

голые девки – say what?

From time to time i like to check how my vistiors found this site.
Today i found one hit from a Russian searchengine. The search term used was ‘голые девки’
Google translate says «naked girls» 🙂 How this lead to my site is an unanswered question, as I dont have any Russian text here, or anything related to nude girls.