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Show all users e-mail adresses and aliases

Simple command to list all users adresses and aliases. Nice to get a overview when migrating all users in an organization.

Force start Your Win10 upgrade

So, you have a device running Windows 7 or 8.1 and want to Upgrade to Windows 10. You could use Windows Update and waited for that to finnish. (the slow way) Or you can use Microsofts Media Creation Tool to start the installer. Download the correct installer from this link, and choose «Upgrade this computer»  […]

Solve permalinks in WordPress on Ubuntu LAMP

I just moved one of my test sites to a new server. And realized that the permalink structure didnt worked after that. I made sure that the .htaccess files where correct, that mod_rewrite was enabled, but still nothing. So after some searching i found out that you need to set AllowOverride All in the config […]

Nytt interiør

Setene som satt i bilen var rett og slett brukt opp, så her måtte det byttes ut. Sjekket det «vanlige» stedene, dvs finn.no og bimmers.no, men enten forlangte selger drømmepriser, eller så var det utslitt det jeg fant. Så begynte jeg å lete litt på blocket.se og der fant jeg flere aktuelle interiør. Fant et M5 […]